Year : 2004

Withdrawal of Excise Duty for Denatured Ethyl Alcohol by Ministry of Health

The FMM-MCTIG succeeded in convincing the Government to withdraw the imposition of

excise duty for Denatured Ethyl Alcohol, which was previously not subjected to any excise

duty. The Ministry of Finance had agreed to de-gazette the relevant Customs Duty Order in February 2004.

ASEAN Cosmetic Standards Harmonisation

Through FMM-MCTIG’s active participation in the ASEAN Cosmetics Association (ACA), the

industry succeeded in advocating for the deferment of the implementation of the ASEAN

Cosmetic Harmonisation to December 2008 instead of December 2005 as the majority of

ASEAN countries were not prepared for the exercise.

Year: 2003

One Registration for all Soap Products

As a result of FMM-MCTIG’s successful lobby at the MITI Dialogue 2003, all soap products of

one formulae, although supplied to different hotels, now require only one registration. The

registration costs RM100 per product and RM50 per variant.

Year: 1999/2000

Guidelines on Registration of Cosmetic Products

FMM-MCTIG assisted in the revision of guidelines to relax regulatory and registration

requirements for cosmetics

Import of Samples for Product Testing

The National Pharmaceutical Control Board agreed in principle with FMM-MCTIG to issue

permits as and when required for import of cosmetics and toiletries samples for product

testing. FMM-MCTIG would work out the mechnanism

Re-classification of Phase II Products as “cosmaceuticals”

Based on recommendations from FMM-MCTIG, Phase II cosmetics and toiletries which do not

contain any controlled substances or claims were re-classified as “cosmaceuticals”, thereby

easing regulatory controls on these products.